About Us

In order to maximize service life and return on investment of your equipment, it has to be maintained in accordance with various standards of measurement. When those standards have been reached and you're looking to minimize your operating and maintenance cost dollars, that's where LIQUID BEARING can help.

Made in Canada, LIQUID BEARING lubricants have been helping companies and individuals save money since 1989. Take a pro-active approach to reducing your operating and maintenance costs by using LIQUID BEARING lubricants and fuel conditioners as part of your regular maintenance routine.

When the regular use of LIQUID BEARING is combined with an effective maintenance program, you can expect to achieve the following:

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Increased service life.
  • Increased Return on Investment.

Visit our Products page to learn more about LIQUID BEARING. Our User Reports will have comments from some maintenance professionals that have benefited from the use of LIQUID BEARING. Our References will be a source for more information on the latest maintenance techniques and technology to help you maximize your maintenance program.