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Product Information

LIQUID BEARING Gasoline Conditioner is a chemically engineered fuel enhancer designed to improve fuel lubricity, reducing friction and wear of the mechanical components of the fuel system and the combustion zone (top end) of the motor.

LIQUID BEARING Gasoline Conditioner will break down gums and varnishes, and reduce carbon build-up. LIQUID BEARING Gasoline Conditioner also contains anti-oxidants to improve fuel storage by removing water and contaminants from fuel systems. For best results, use regularly in conjunction with other LIQUID BEARING products, combined with a conscientiously applied program of equipment maintenance.

  • Increase gasoline lubricity.
  • Reduce friction and engine wear.
  • Clean fuel system components.
  • Lubricate upper cylinder walls.
  • Maximize power, performance and mileage.
  • Increase engine service life.
  • Reduce carbon and gum build-up.

Directions for Use:

LIQUID BEARING Gasoline Conditioner can be used at ratios as low as 1:1,200. For best results, start with an initial ratio of between 1:400 and 1:800. Increase or reduce subsequent ratios according to desired level of performance or fuel quality. Add directly to fuel tank prior to re-fueling. For best results, use with each fill-up.

Special Notes:

  1. Inspect primary and/or secondary fuel filters frequently after the initial application. LIQUID BEARING Gasoline Conditioner will dislodge contamination within the fuel tank and fuel system and these deposits may be picked up, traveling through the fuel lines into the filters. It is recommended that fuel filters be changed every other oil change.
  2. For maximum benefits, the crankcase zone (bottom end) of the engine and other driveline components should also be treated with LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment.

Usage Ratio by Package Size

Gasoline Conditioner
Product Code
60 mL / 2.0 Oz. Bottle
24 - 48 Litres
120 mL / 4 Fl. Oz. Bottle
48 - 96 Litres
350 mL / 12 Oz. Bottle
140 - 280 Litres
1 Litre / 32 Oz. Bottle
400 - 800 Litres
4 Litre / 1.0 Gal. Jug
1,600 – 3,200 Litres
20 Litre / 5.0 Gal. Pail
8,000 – 16,000 Litres