Automotive Reports

Mark R. Korst and His Car "I raced my ’67 Camaro on the weekend after treating both it and my 10 second '32 Hi-Boy. The Camaro's got a 550 Horse Big Block that runs in the low 12’s. Usually on the run down at Mission Raceway, the engine heats up and on the slow run back to the pits, the temperature goes up another 10 – 15° F. This time, on the run back to the pits, it went down 10 – 15° F. I thought it was a fluke but on the second and third runs and back to the pits afterwards, the temperature went down again.

I didn’t do anything to the engine except put LIQUID BEARING in it. I figure if there is less heat, there is less friction and that means less wear and longer engine life, which, in the long run, will save me money. I'm impressed! You know that stuff really works!

A. Parker – Hot Rodder and owner of Parker's Bodyshop, Chilliwack, BC