Industrial Reports

“Our operation runs a Lombardini L54 air-cooled diesel powered drill that drills an average of 120’ per shift, and runs wide open for 10 days out of every 14. The dealer recommends that oil changes be done every 50 hours but since using LIQUID BEARING, we found that the oil stays cleaner, for longer periods. Where the oil used to start staining after about 40 hours, the LIQUID BEARING treated oil is good for up to 100 hours. We’ve even extended it up to 150 hours, which is triple the oil life!“

“My buddy has a rig with a Deutz 914 air-cooled diesel that has a history of overheating. During this last spring, he was going to rebuild the engine since it wasn’t running too good. After I told him about LIQUID BEARING, he treated the engine with it to see what would happen. Well, after treatment, he noticed that the Deutz seemed to have more power and was running cooler. It turns out that he ran that engine all summer without a problem! Just by treating his engine with LIQUID BEARING, he prolonged the life of that engine over the summer.“

“You know what some drillers are like. They practically run their drills into the ground and do just the minimum amount of maintenance trying to save money. Well, I think that by using LIQUID BEARING, they can get away with it. That LIQUID BEARING is really good stuff...”

“And since I found out that LIQUID BEARING has a two-stroke oil, I’m going to try that and the Synthetic Gold grease it in my Ski-Doo Mach One. There’s snowmobile drags and hillclimbs coming up this winter in Wells and I want to try it out.“

Larry Gagnon – Standard Drilling and Engineering – Wells, BC