Industrial Reports

Beijing Heavy Electric Machinery Works - 2

23 July1992
The Conclusion of Using Formula 4-10 (LIQUID BEARING) in Beijing Heavy Electric Machinery Works

In an attempt to reduce the problems caused by insufficient long-term maintenance on certain pieces of equipment, we started using FORMULA 4-10 in June of 1992 on our main equipment. The following conclusions are the results of using FORMULA 4-10 in our machinery maintenance plant.

The M1450W multi-function external grinder, equipment code No. 031-21, is the main equipment in the machinery maintenance plant, and was obtained from the BEIJING SECOND MACHINE TOOL WORKS in May of 1976. It refines the base bearings on those machine tools.

In the beginning of July, the M1450W started to machine the base bearing of the ordinary lathe S2100, with a weight of 1 tonne. Due to some unknown reason, we found that the machine cannot be started even though the original design loading of the M1450W is 1 tonne. We added a bottle of FORMULA 4-10 (1 Litre) to the machine tool (base oil was No. 30 engine oil), and the problem was solved entirely. The operators were satisfied with the quality of the finish of the workpiece surface.

To sum up, FORMULA 4-10 really can solve those production problems caused by poor lubrication. It leads the way in the machinery refining industry in our country.