Industrial Reports

Laboratory Analysis of Liquid Bearing - 2

Sample: LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment
Reference: 98M150
Project: 11368-43
Tests conducted in November 1998 by Powertech Labs Inc.

The samples were tested in accordance with laboratory test method ASTM D4172 "Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method)."

Test Parameters:
Load: 40 Kilogram force
Time: 60 minutes
Temperature: 75°C
Speed: 1,200 RPM

Control Oil 0.447
Control Oil + 5% Lubricant Treatment 0.400
Control Oil + 7% Lubricant Treatment 0.367


  1. The control oil used was Canadian Tire Motomaster 10W/30 SAE SJ engine oil.