Industrial Reports

"The bearings in our saws have a lot of pressure running against them, up to 4,000 pounds from the force of the blades. We've had to grease them every day since the bearings get really hot and replacing them can be expensive. Since using the (Synthetic Red) grease, the grease lasts a lot longer and the bearings run a lot cooler."

"With our swing saws, the runners need to be lubricated constantly. We've tried other lubricants but nothing seems to stay on. Since using the LIQUID BEARING Penetrating Lubricant, it now runs a hell of a lot cooler and it stays on longer too."

"Some of our gearboxes run really hot so we've treated them with the Lubricant Treatment as well."

Ron Clease, Foreman - Watkins Sawmills Ltd., Mission, BC