Industrial Reports

Beijing Shougang Iron and Steel - 2

24 June 1992
The usage report of Formula 4-10 (LIQUID BEARING) in the Plate Mill Plant of Beijing Shougang Iron and Steel Company

We applied Formula 4-10 in grease and in the passive external self lubricating bearing of the furnace roller bed while performing our overhaul on the 20th of May. The excellent result can be shown in three ways listed below.

  1. The temperature in front of furnace roller bed in our factory is 1,200 deg. Celcius. The weight of the biggest steel board is 11.7 tonne. The distance between the bottom horizontal level of furnace and the horizontal level of roller bed is 1,682mm. Because of the grease being dried out by the high temperature, the impact becomes high, this causes the passive external ring lubricating bearing to break. As a result, this furnace had 15 breakdowns in May, the downtime of the furnace reached 31 hours and 15 minutes.

    The lubrication condition was improved after we added Formula 4-10 in the grease, the nature of high temperature resistance was increased and no more breakdowns until the present moment. This ensured the normal operation of the furnace.

  2. We also tried the self lubricating bearing. Without Formula 4-10, the gap was 2.3 mm after one operating cycle was completed. After adding Formula 4-10, the gap was only 1.2 mm after the completion of two operating cycles, under the same conditions. The friction was reduced almost 50%. Since the cost of each set of bearings is around 100 thousand RMB, the good result indicates the saving of maintenance costs as we will use less copper shell and bearings. Moreover, the life of the machine will be extended also.

  3. Another advantage we found is Formula 4-10 can lower the high temperature. We tested the temperature change in front of the furnace with the use of an infra-red pyrometer. The temperature was 425 deg. Celcius before adding Formula 4-10 and after the product was added, a temperature reading of 325 deg. celcius was obtained.

Summing up, Formula 4-10 really helps in our overhaul. It reduced the accident caused by friction and the maintenance cost was obviously reduced. We sincerely believe that the Formula 4-10 will have a good prospect.