Liquid Bearing Engine Oils

Blended from a combination of PAO synthetic and mineral base oils, along with the proprietary Liquid Bearing lubricant technology, Liquid Bearing’s gasoline and diesel engine motor oils are formulated to meet all API, ILSAC and SAE specifications.

WLB Series Gasoline Motor Oils

S-888 SP GF-6 0W-30
S-888 SP GF-6 0W-40
S-888 SP GF-6 5W-30
S-888 SP GF-6 5W-40
S-888 SP GF-6 10W-40

WLB Series Diesel Motor Oils

Series API SAE
C-328 CI-4 20W-50
C-318 CH-4 15W-40
C-368 CJ-4 10W-40

Liquid Bearing and LKB Series Motor Oil

Liquid Bearing now introduces the LKB Series of motor oils. LKB motor oil uses both mineral and synthetic base oils to meet all the performance requirements of today’s engines… at a reduced cost. LKB Series lubricating oils provide superior cold flow properties for cold start protection, and maximum resistance to thermal and viscosity breakdown.

All of the LKB Series lubricating oils for gasoline, diesel and LNG engines meets or exceeds previous API specifications for SP, SN, SM, SL and SJ standards, in addition to ILSAC GF-6, GF-5, GF-4 and GF-3 standards covering most North American, European and Japanese manufacturer requirements.

API grades SP and SN are backwards compatible with earlier grades of API grade oils, such as SM, SL, SJ and SH, making the proper selection of the right oil easier by simply choosing the correct viscosity.

LKB Series Gasoline Motor Oil

SP GF-6 0W-20
SN GF-5 0W-20
API grade CI-4 is backwards compatible with earlier grades of API grade oils, such as CH-4 and CF, making the proper selection of the right oil easier by simply choosing the correct viscosity.

LKB Series Diesel Motor Oil

CI-4 15W-40

Motorcycle Engine Oils

MC-1 SJ 15W/40
Liquid Bearing High Performance 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil is an advanced full synthetic motorcycle oil designed primarily for on-road, high-performance, and four-cycle sport bikes; however, it can be used in other types of on- and off-road four-cycle motorcycles requiring engine oil with the indicated viscosity.

Fuel Conditioners


Hydrocarbon fuels, whether gasoline or diesel, possess very little lubrication properties due to its volatile nature and relatively low viscosity. Most gasolines are blended with ethanol, while diesel fuels are now refined with very little sulphur, both of which further reduces the ability of these fuels to provide lubrication protection.

Fuel lubricity is important as the fuel will flow through many friction generating areas of the engine such as the fuel injectors and valves but most importantly, the piston and rings of internal combustion engines.

Liquid Bearing Fuel Conditioners will increase fuel lubricity and help engines run smoother, and with improved fuel mileage.

EC-239 Lubrication System Cleaner


For maximum benefit and results, especially for cars with higher mileage, use Liquid Bearing EC-238 Lubrication System Cleaner to clean the engine of built-up sludge and contamination.

Liquid Bearing EC-238 Lubricating System Cleaner will effectively loosen and remove built-up contamination and deposits created by long-term operation under dirty environments.

  • – For use in all engines and equipment with closed lubrication systems
  • – Effective cleaning of oil galleries and internal components
  • – Loosens and dislodges built-up carbon deposits
  • – Immediately improves engine and equipment operation and efficiency

During the oil change, drain all the old oil and replace the oil filter(s) before using Liquid Bearing motor oils on a regular basis.

Lubricating Penetrant


LIQUID BEARING Lubricating Penetrant will penetrate through extreme rust and corrosion and provide a polarized layer of oil molecules that will reduce friction and wear and prevent future corrosion.

When rust, corrosion or frictional drag is a factor, no other similar product can compare. Use of LIQUID BEARING Lubricating Penetrant will provide smooth and long lasting operation of any metal mechanism. 

  • – Fast penetration of rust and corrosion
  • – Reduces friction and wear between all metal surfaces
  • – Long lasting lubricating ability
  • – Cleans and prevents electrical corrosion