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Product Information

LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment is a 100% petroleum-based, chemically engineered lubricant additive package that is designed to improve the performance of regular lubricating oils.

LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment is not a viscosity modifier. When blended with regular lubricants, the increased lubricant film strength provided by LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment will help to reduce friction and wear of mechanical components.


  • Compatible with all petroleum and synthetic based oils – Can be used in areas where petroleum based lubricants are already being used.
  • Non-corrosive – Does not contain plastic particles, PTFE, Molybdenum Disulfide, Graphite or Lead, and will not harm standard gaskets and seals.
  • Does not rely on viscosity.
  • Improves lubricant performance of your existing lubricants.
  • Does not contain any physical solids.
  • Increased lubricant protection even under extreme operating conditions, heat and loads.


LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment can be used in all applications using petroleum or synthetic based lubricating oils, including the following:

  • Gasoline or diesel engines
  • Automatic or manual gearboxes
  • Hydraulic or power steering systems
  • Rear axles and differentials
  • Oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
  • Compressors

Directions for Use

LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment should be blended at a minimum ratio of 5% to 7% by volume (50 mL to 70 mL per Litre ) with regular oil. Amounts over this ratio will not harm the component. For severe or heavy-duty applications, ratio can be increased to 10%.

LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment can either be added directly to the unit's oil reservoir, or pre-blended with the lubricating oil prior to adding to the unit. If the oil is pre-blended, stir thoroughly to ensure homogenization of the mixture.

For Older Engines

Long-term operation or exposure to dirty environments can lead to sludge and deposits building up in the crankcase. For these applications, an initial treatment is recommended. This will consist of adding 7% of LIQUID BEARING 500 km (200 miles) before the scheduled oil change. Change the oil and filters and add another treatment of LIQUID BEARING.

The detergency effect of using LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment will dislodge built-up sludge and varnish deposits in older or high mileage engines and equipment. The sludge and other contamination can then be flushed out during the oil change. Change the oil and filter(s) and add another application of LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment.

For Newer Engines

LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment should be added to new engines and equipment after the initial wear-in period has been done with UNTREATED oil. Refer to the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations. For best results, use regularly in conjunction with other LIQUID BEARING products, combined with a conscientiously applied program of regular maintenance.

For regular use, treat conventional oils by adding 7% of LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment during every oil change. Oil change intervals may be increased if oil analysis results confirm suitability for continued service.

If the oil level changes (drops) between oil changes, any "top-up" oil that is added between oil changes should also be treated with LIQUID BEARING Lubricant Treatment.

Usage Ratio by Package Size

Lubricant Treatment
Product Code
350 mL / 12 Oz. Bottle
5 - 7 Litres
500 mL / 16 Oz. Bottle
7 - 10 Litres
1 Litre / 32 Oz. Bottle
14 - 20 Litres
4 Litre / 1.0 Gal. Jug
60 - 80 Litres
20 Litre / 5.0 Gal. Pail
300 - 400 Litres